Monday, October 29, 2012

How Can A Free Link Directory Help Your Business

When a business is trying to communicate with their current customers and potential customers online, you want the link to your website to be visible in as many appropriate locations as possible. A free link directory provides a great platform for users to see your link before your competitors who do not use this tool of advertising.
Free business directory provides one location for internet users to search for business listings in specific categories. There are free listings of any business on this directory who wants their link displayed. A business who wants special placement can request a featured link on the site.
Since you can place your link on the free link directory without paying for the general listings of links make sure you do not miss out on the opportunity. You do not want your competitors taking the time to place their links on free link directories and you not be listed. The competitors would be getting some of your potential customers possibly due to their visibility on the platform.
After all the user of the directory will be typing in topics they want to search for experts on or service providers so they will be more apt to take action than someone just seeing an ad somewhere out of context. When these searchers want to spend money on a product or service, you want to be in front of their face on the screen listed on the free link directory.
Just think how many potential customers are slipping through your fingers every day that you are not listed in free advertising on the internet. The problem with social media free marketing is that the viewers are there to socialize and not necessarily do business or think about buying items. By displaying your link on a free business directory you are targeting the decision making/purchase seeking potential customer.
Time is a valuable commodity that web users try to save. By searching for a specific type of business on a site like a free link directory, the user gets multiple companies links in one location who perform the same service or sell the same products. This saves the user time and the advertiser time and money to connect with the future customer.
Word of mouth will also occur when the user sees a link, takes action, and gets good customer service. The customer will tell their friends about the business they found on the free link directory. This will bring more business to the advertiser and more users to the directory. This cycle will continue for years as long as quality customer service is provided by the directory and the advertisers.
Save your advertising budget, save the time of placing links in low impacting locations on the web. Come to your future business customers instead of waiting for them to come to you. Post your business link for free on a free link directory. You will be surprised how much of an increase you will find in the traffic to your site and purchases for your service.
Build a solid foundation for your business through free link directory. Xeetec is a reliable and free business directory portal that helps your website to increase your SERP.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10 Easy Tips to Survive Post Panda and Penguin Google Updates

Pandas and Penguins are usually cute and lovely animals. Yet when Google used those words to name its algorithm updates, they have become the worst nightmares for many online and eCommerce business owners worldwide.
Driving traffic to your website is crucial to succeed and prosper in the current internet era. Getting to first page of Google through appropriate SEO strategies is vital too. However, because SEO practices have become so creative in a way that manipulates Google, the latter has created the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates that discern good and bad practices and discredit and even penalize sites that have been using spammy ways to appear on first page of Google for specific keywords.
Moreover, Google is more able now to recognize high quality backlinks versus low quality ones. For instance, if you were using low quality duplicate or spun articles to syndicate your articles to over 100 low quality articles directories with backlinks pointing to your site, then don't expect to benefit from that anymore. Yet, quality article directories like EzineArticles that value content and originality are surely to benefit your business and help you build up your brand.
The following tips will help you survive post Google Panda and Penguin updates:
1. Don't expect to get link juice from footer links or backlinks from spammy or penalized websites. Make sure to remove such low quality backlinks to your site whenever possible.
2. Try to build up natural backlincks from pertinent niche sites with unique and varied anchor text but all related in a way or another.
3. It is highly advised to avoid keyword stuffing and over density keywords in your web page contents.
4. Make sure to build high quality content in your website and avoid duplicate, irrelevant or low quality content with grammatical errors.
5. Work adequately all your pages, as one bad page can negatively affect the whole site.
6. It is advised to build consistent quality content on your site or blog.
7. Pages from your website like Contact us, Privacy Policy and Write for us have no value of ranking for specific keywords, so make sure to give them a no-index and delete relevant links from Google Search Results.
8. Your website needs to have a fast loading and your navigation needs to be user friendly.
9. Fix all the broken links within your site.
10. Try not to build too many backlinks from anywhere to your site. Backlinks should be built up slowly and from good quality sites that relate to your niche..
After 18 years of work experience in many international companies, Tina started working as a Translator, Copywriter and Marketing consultant freelancer for the past 2 years. Tina is equally proficient in English, Arabic and French and has a deep understanding of updated SEO practices and techniques.
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How to Improve Search Engine Rankings In 2012 and Drive More Traffic to Your Site

There are many ways to improve the visibility and search engine rankings of your website. The more methods you can take advantage of, the better off you will be. So, here are some things to consider.
It's important to make your website and your company stand out and to make it memorable. Therefore, you need to work on branding. Develop an eye-catching logo, then start spreading the word about your brand. Some of the ways to do that include:
- Utilize search engine optimization on each of your website's pages.
- Network with other leaders in your industry and related industries.
- Use social medial websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to market your services.
- Develop a unique and memorable business approach.
Search engine optimization is a wonderful thing and it can take your new brand far. However, you should also be aware that there is now more emphasis being put on supplying excellent content on web pages. So, be sure that you use search engine optimization on your pages, but also take the time to provide content that will be useful to your customers. After all, having people visit your page won't do you any good unless they get to know and trust your company.
When you are marketing, or spreading the word about your business, you need to do so with a good game plan. Some steps that you may want to take beyond just the use of keywords and search engine optimization include:
- Write meta tags to improve search engine optimization.
- Write blogs and new social media posts on a regular basis in order to keep customers interested.
- Utilize videos, slide shows and e-books to keep guests interested and coming back.
- Cross-promote across multiple social media sites.
- Trade links with other people in your industry.
Engage With Others
One of the keys to improving your search engine rankings and developing a larger online following for your business is to engage with others. That could be your potential clients or other people in your industry, who may help to get you more clients later on.
Engaging with others involves commenting on their blogs and social media posts. It may also involve sending e-mails to them about the latest industry news or news relating to your company, specifically.
If you already use Facebook and Twitter, don't stop there. You should also make sure to use Google+. In fact, Google has recently introduced the Google +1 button. You can install it on your website. Anyone who clicks on it can automatically improve your Google search engine ranking. The more +1 clicks you have, the better your Google ranking will be.
Improve The Visitor Experience
Google is capable of tracking how long visitors stay on your site and how relevant the site is to the terms for which is optimized. So, be sure to improve the visitor experience by making your website easy to navigate and relative to what people are searching for.
Rob Decker is a seasoned technology professional with more than 25 years experience and has helped small business and Fortune 500 companies -- in a wide range of markets and industries -- to reach their sales and marketing goals through the use of advertising, marketing and public relations activities designed to generate leads and sales. During the past 25 years, he has consulted with Agilent Technologies, American Express, Corporate Express, Dell, ING, Mobility Electronics, Newsweek, Rand McNally, SPSS, The Stanford University School of Medicine, StorageTek and many others.
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