Monday, February 18, 2013

Benefits of Using the Right Web Directories

In a similar fashion to normal directories, such as the Yellow Pages, a web directory is able to feature listings of websites split into different categories for ease in locating the relevant information. If you are searching for something online then using one of the better quality web directories is just as effective as using a physical of hard copy. A web directory can offer online businesses a wide range of benefits, which might relate to search engine ranking, web traffic and increased profitability.
Here are some of the benefits that you might realize from submitting your website to a web directory.
Increased traffic
In most cases, the main directories attract a high volume of traffic to their sites on a daily basis. Site visitors have access to easily search the different categories, which allows them to connect direct to all-types of websites. This increased traffic for the webmaster is the most significant benefit to adding a link to the web directory. To ensure you get the most from submitting your site to the directories, you should always look for the best quality directories that attract a considerable number of daily visitors.
Search engines
By submitting your site to the directories, you are also making it easier for the search engines to detect your website and increase its natural ranking in the search results. Due to the size of the directories and the almost constant updating of information, the spiders sent by the search engines are highly likely to detect your site and have that link indexed.
Higher Rankings
If your website is placed on the directories then you might be able to optimize certain keywords that you wish to have ranked in the search engines. Use descriptive text for the anchor text link that connects to your website. Use a phrase that clearly identifies the function offered by your web site. If you go to the effort of providing a well written description then this should also help in attracting a higher click-through rate, which means you get a lot more visitors to your website.
Increase Site Credibility
If you are able to get a site listed on the top web directories then that can increase the credibility of your web site. In most cases, the better quality websites vet and review the submissions to determine the quality of a site. Human edited directories are a lot more valued and this also means that visitors will trust the information that they read on directory and be more willing to click-through to a particular web site.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Cheap SEO Methods of 2013 SEO Techniques

Setting up an internet marketing business is so easy but the difficult thing is how to bring traffic to your website. Today, technology has become an important tool on promoting your page.
If you are asking how to build quality back links, the following are an overview of simple yet effective SEO techniques that can be employed to better the ranking of your website.
User-Friendly Site
Having a user-friendly site is very important in attracting traffic because users easily get annoyed with slow loading page. They want easy to navigate, less pop up adverts and interactive so that they can peruse the site to its full extent and have a bigger chance of returning visitors. Also, a user-friendly website is an advantage for other webs masters to create incoming links to your website and by doing so, increase the ranking of your website on search engines.
Quality Content
Quality content is one best factor that increases your web traffic. It's the king of all website promotion. Having good and original web site content increases the opportunity of higher page visits and potential clients. Moreover, most website and blog owners choose creating links to websites that have good content. It is a cheap SEO technique that can be hugely blossoming.
Good Domain Name
Good domain name plays an important role in increasing your website traffic. You have to have domain that is easy to remember, catchy and that is related to your web page content. Like for example, if you are selling vehicle parts you can use a domain name like the www. This helps you boosts your search engine ranking as well as improve your traffic.
Buying a domain name is part of the initial cost of building a website and optimizing your site visibility through the use of a domain name is an affordable SEO technique.
Online directories
When you want to get ranked on major search engines you have to employ and perform directory submissions. These typically list websites according to categories and as a rule; a website must have high quality content and original so as to be listed in any online directory. This is considered as an affordable SEO technique since you do not have to pay any extra cost to post in online directories
Article Submission Sites
It is one of most typical yet effective web marketing strategies. There are plethora of online article submission sites that are available on the web to choose from. The more you create and submit fresh and informative content the more traffic and even sales you have for your website. Your target audience loves this method because it answers their learning needs as they are always looking for something new and original. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to include you links when posting an article.
Social Media Sites
Social networking sites are another sure way of boosting your traffic to your site. They are effective at widening your customer base and also expanding your followers, subscribers and friends.
Using the above-mentioned DIY cheap SEO methods is positively your channel to maximizing your site traffic.
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Monday, January 21, 2013

SEO Article Content Writing Rules in 2013

Many webmasters are wondering in the beginning of the year whether their site is up to the 2013 requirements of search engines. The truth is that we are in the middle of a process when everything is moving towards a better user experience. Therefore, SEO article content has a higher importance than ever before. Find out the general rules of writing and submitting SEO posts and building links in the new year and make a fresh start, even if your site has fallen back in results in 2012.
One of the most important aspects of links is relevance. Therefore, buying Facebook likes from general profiles will not work anymore. When submitting articles, press releases and posts, you always have to manually select the most important category and choose the best keywords based on your niche and content. This is something many people miss out on. If you do social media bookmarking, it is important to have an account opened for every niche you are in with the right messages, attracting people interested in that topic.
Being unique has always been an important aspect of gaining traction on the marketplace and in search engines. SEO articles need to be written from scratch; there is no way around it. Even if you are convinced that it is possible to create readable spun content, this has to be done manually. Re-using and rewriting articles and human editing is OK, but software work less and less these days. Checking CopyScape when you order SEO article content from companies is a must, and plagiarized posts can make your site disappear from search results very fast.
Social Media Traction
Your social media links have been measured by search engines to determine your SERP for years, however, they will have a higher contribution towards high ranking in 2013. Creating relevant Facebook pages and getting people to share the content on your site is a good way to get genuine links that stick on the net. Buying followers and subscribers is not working any more, no matter how much internet marketing gurus want to sell you their automation software or service.
Diversity of Content
Apart from articles, you will now have to focus more on different ways of distributing information. Getting videos online, as well as downloadable PDF files, broadcast channels and audios is a good way to go. Press releases continue to be effective ways of building links and getting the SEO content republished on multiple platforms.
Diversity of Links
Some SEO experts would tell you to buy high page rank links and your site will fly high in search engines. However, this is not the case anymore. You will need to collect diverse backlinks; from social media sites, news pages and video sites, as well as small niche blogs, article directories and authority sites. The combination of links would tell search engines that your message is relevant to all readers in your niche. Squidoo and HubPages, as well as free blog networks links will add value to your SEO projects in 2013.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Using A SEO Directory to Promote a Website

In order to run a successful search engine marketing campaign, incoming links are seen as the most significant aspect. It is known that if you are able to gain the right high-quality links, it will make it much easier to rank a website higher in the natural searches results. A wide range of linking practices are available, some more beneficial than others. One of the easiest techniques for acquiring high quality one way links is to use the general or niche specific SEO directory websites.
There are literally thousands of web directories across the internet offering the opportunity to publish a link, which directs back to your website. Directories might range from the general, which accept any type of website, the niche specific directories, and the business directories. Each of these directory types will have their own target audience, so it is important to choose the one that will be most beneficial for your needs.
Also, web directories are either free-based or incorporate a payment structure for the submission process. Fees can range from a nominal one-time payment to those charging several hundred dollars or more. A recurring monthly or yearly fee might also be applicable. The choice of web directory used often comes down to your marketing strategy and available budget.
A high-quality and human edited paid directory can often be highly beneficial to any website to get listed on. If looking at the more expensive web directories, such as the Yahoo Directory for instance, it often helps to look at the long-term benefits that may be gained. Mostly from having your site listed on a highly trafficked site. Paid listings are also seen to offer significant SEO benefits in the search engines.
Submitting a website to a handful of quality free-based Web directories is also an effective step in getting a website well indexed and also to boost a sites ranking position in the natural search results. Even though the search engines might not give so much emphasis on the free directory listings, you still benefit from the incoming links. Also, if the general or niche specific directories have sufficient traffic, then some of that traffic might make its way to your site by clicking on your well thought out link and description.
All in all, submitting a website to these online directories, whether paid or free, offers an excellent opportunity to increase the success of your search engine marketing campaign. Instead of submitting to just one or two well-chosen SEO directories, aim to submit to several web directories over a prolonged period to really see the benefits.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Advantages of Using SEO Directory Submissions

If you are searching for effective ways to promote your website, you might want to look at the general, niche, or business web directories. Any of these can feature in a SEO marketing plan. They web directory offers the web visitor a convenient one stop destination for locating a wide-range of useful information. In addition, for the webmaster, the directories offer the advantage of increasing a websites visibility and search engine ranking.
A web directory which is based on a specific niche or business practice offers a great opportunity to submit your website listing and have the potential to attract visitors. A quality directory will allow its visitors to search by location or category, which makes it extremely easy for the user to find the most helpful information. Also if you use a specific business directory you might be able to list additional company information which might include a company overview, directions, a logo, and all relevant contact information.
Beyond the fact that the web directories are highly effective at attracting would-be customers, they are equally beneficial as a tool in your search engine optimization (SEO) arsenal. A directory offers the site owner a chance to get an attractive inbound link to their website, which has the potential to increase rankings in the search engines and page rank of the applicable page. If a well-chosen selection of directories is used, then this can result in a number of inbound links coming into a website. Using the directories when a website is relatively new is also a great way to get the search engines to notice a site quickly and this also helps get the web pages indexed.
A great feature to the web directories that you might want to look for is the ability to add deep links, meaning you can point to a particular page on the website and not direct all visitors to the main homepage. The benefit of this is that the end-user is directed straight to the information you want them to see in a single click, and not having to search for the information themselves after arriving on your site. A link of this nature is much more efficient and helpful. The ability to deep link also means that you have the opportunity to rank internal pages and not just the homepage.
It often benefits to search for the quality web directories in your linking building efforts to avoid wasting valuable time. You can use either free or paid web directories. If looking for the most positive results from submitting your sites to the directories, it often pays to use the high quality directories that are human edited, even though this might mean a small charge is payable for the submission.
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Best Practices for Content Marketing and Its Effect on SEO

A lot has been said about content marketing and its impact on overall SEO efforts. In most of these articles, people talk about writing two types of contents, writing for human readers and writing for Google and other search engines. It is time that we change this old idea and realize the need of the hour. Trust me, a lot has changed after recent Google updates and web content is one thing which has received the major share of Google's attention.
Google recently changed algorithm, like I pointed out earlier, which helps them to find out the most useful content for a given search query. How they achieved that is another topic altogether. And with a closely guarded algorithm, we can't do anything but guess. Leaving the technicality behind, lets talk about the effect.
Write for the human readers: The first thing to consider is that, according to Google itself, do not write for Google. Do not write even keeping Google in mind. Just write some great content which the human readers will like and your duty is 90% done. Google wants to present to the searcher with the most relevant, most informative and most useful article or webpage and so they will of course place articles displaying those traits at the top.
Think of 'WHY' before writing any content: Nobody likes to read useless information, no matter how well or creatively you have written them. The same is applicable for Google. Google doesn't want to present these pages to the readers as well. So, before you create any online content, have a very clear purpose behind creating the page. Once you have a definite purpose and you know what are you going to share with the world by creating this page, obviously your content will be pithy, useful and relevant. These contents are for sure to get a good ranking in Google.
Socially shared content: This is the latest point which I would include as the last point in this article. In this social age, the more people like your content using Google +1 or Facebook 'Like' and other social media, the better it is in the eyes of Google. Also, if your content is getting shared, referred to in the prominent social media, Google will consider this as a sign of a great content. On a technical note, never miss to have those Facebook, Google+, Twitter buttons on your webpage. Display them prominently so people can actually click on them easily if they like your content.
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Know Search Engine Optimization

If you are considering building a website you most likely have heard that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a pivotal part of your strategy. It is essential for improving website visibility, increasing your traffic and overall way search engines view your website. SEO is the ongoing process of improving visibility and ranking of a website or specific web page in the organic search engine results presented by major search engines.
You might think that SEO is the all-knowing answer and can produce major results in a few days, or even a few months, like web page design or coding. Search engines utilize a complex algorithm which determines the results for any given search term, word or phrase. The actual algorithm is known to exist but unknown by anyone but those folks at the search engine.
The Elements - The steady insertion of meta tags and page titles of web pages used to have a huge impact on search results, and were considered the mainstay of SEO about 10 years ago. These SEO components are still important today - but the algorithms used by search engines continually change to adapt to a constantly evolving internet. Meta tags, page titles, and search friendly Unit Resource Locator (URLs) are a major part of on-site SEO.
Page Titles - Page titles are found at the very top of a browser, and depending upon the version they can also be read in the window label or tab of an open web page. Another way to find out the title of a web page is to put it in your bookmarks. It is important to title all web pages consistently, using the key terms that you want visitors to find your site with, and should match the key terms found in your written website content as well.
Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions - Meta tags are done in the html code side of the website at the head of the page, although it's easier and generally done with a Content Management System (CMS). These Meta tags alert the search engine as to which terms on that particular web page are the most important. Meta tags for picked keywords are only good if they are reinforced by also being within the web page content. Search engines look for significance in ranking your pages and this is one of the basic methods of demonstrating relevance.
Valuable, Worthwhile Content - Strategies like filling up your web site pages with fluff and clich├ęs may be the good for TV commercials but is not so useful for search engine or human consumption. Useful, original, well-written content is more valuable as a component of a web page and websites as a whole.
Off-Site SEO and how it Works - The biggest difference between on-site SEO and Off-site SEO is that the other can be completely coordinated by you and the latter cannot. However, there are well-defined approaches and techniques in Offsite SEO that can maximize the opportunity for online success. Mostly the success of any offsite technique is driven by the quality of the content, whether it is an article, press release blog post, video etc.
Two-way Links and Link Exchange - Search engines use this to control the ranking of a website in search results which is heavily gauged by how many legitimate inbound links a website has. Quality relationships with relative content website owners is key here where you can connect and build links between the sites generating to the search engine the relationship of the content.
Deep Links - Deep links are one-way inbound links from websites with relative quality content, with one small but extremely important difference. Deep links are connected to an inner content page within your website, rather than the homepage, landing page, or other front page of a website, which is much more common.
Is There A Faster Way - Performing your due diligence and continually working on your website may be tedious at first, as well may take a while depending on the subject matter. But the continual work on SEO will provide a solid website to the search engines as well survive any changes to the search engine algorithm which may come down the road.
There are alternatives to use, but SEO is the best strategy for your website. Hope this article helped you know more about SEO.
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