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What Is Social Bookmarking SEO?

What is social bookmarking SEO? In fact, this is intentional use of social bookmarking for search engine optimization purposes. The goal of every site is to be on top of Google (or any other search engine) rankings. Such bookmarking service improves position of a site in search engine rankings and makes it visible for millions of potential visitors.

A such service site offers users to create own accounts and share information on sites they have found interesting. Moreover, it is possible to tag information, choose categories, which makes searching for certain sites easier. For example, if you are looking for sports related sites it is easy to find worthy sites using social bookmarking resources.

Some such bookmarking sites do not require any registration, but if you pursue SEO goals such an account can be very helpful. Social bookmarking has become an extremely effective search engine optimization method which has already got thousands of sites to Google's top.

This service requires certain skills, and certain factors are to be taken in to account. One needs to remember that honesty is a must in these bookmarking services. As a matter of fact, users share their thoughts and feelings as to sites they consider interesting. Thus, if you want to make your web site popular in the service, you should certainly honestly express your thoughts. By the way, if you provide visitors with the wrong information on a certain web site, they can certainly press Dislike button and your web site will be tagged as not useful.

Naturally, everyone's goal is increasing web site traffic, and this goal is achievable only in case you are being honest. Social bookmarking may have an avalanche effect - you share your web site and lots of visitors find it helpful and recommend it to their friends. Your web site will promote itself in such a way. More visitors means more traffic. Bookmarking of this type will surely develop in future, offering new services and opportunities. So, is it maybe the time for your to social bookmark your web site?

Many people have lost their jobs today and are trying to create a site and set up an internet business. But to achieve success they need push their sites for specific keywords. This process is quite expensive but one of the affordable ways to do that is social bookmarking service. It is not that expensive to order on the one hand, on the other hand you can even do that yourself using social bookmarking software.

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High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking grew from a convenient service for the Internet users into an effective SEO tool. The rise of bookmarking popularity was in 2007 when major players hit the market. At first, social bookmarking services offered users publication of links to their favorite sites, articles, web pages, music and videos, blog posts etc. Very soon it became clear that it is possible to promote web sites with bookmarking, and increase web site targeted traffic.

Social bookmarking works in a very simple way. Every bookmark that you post is a relevant one way back link. As known, back links published at high PR web sites are valued by search engines like Google. Consequently, the more links you have, the higher ratings you may get from Google.

The good thing is that most bookmarking websites have very high PR and they accept dofollow links. What is a dofollow link? This is an attribute to a link. If a website owner attributes a link as nofollow, it means that he or she assumes no responsibility on where this link may take users. Consequently, nofollow are totally ignored by search engines.

That is why, when looking for reliable bookmarking services, you choose high PR web sites and those web sites that have dofollow links. Social bookmarking is beneficial in several ways. Firstly, this is a great opportunity to advertise a web site, since bookmarking sites are visited by millions of people. Thus, even if a small portion of these people visit your website, there will be a sharp traffic increase.

Besides, every dofollow link at a high PR web site is a relevant back link to your website, which means higher ratings from Google. Of course, there are no guarantees whatsoever. Social bookmarking can not perform magic. At the same time, this is a very effective method popular with both experienced and amateur webmasters who are using bookmarking for search engine optimization purposes.

Many people have lost their jobs today and are trying to create a site and set up an internet business. But to achieve success they need to push their sites for specific keywords. This process is quite expensive but one of the affordable ways to do that is social bookmarking service. It is not that expensive to order on the one hand, on the other hand you can even do that yourself using a social bookmarking tool.

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Dofollow Social Bookmarking - Helping You Generate the Traffic You Need

Dofollow social bookmarking will help you generate the traffic you need to your site to provide you with increased sales and activity. Social bookmarking is what happens when an individual tags a website so they are able to return to the site again at a later date. The difference in making an ordinary bookmark of a site and a social bookmark of a site is that you are not going to be saving the site information in your browser on your personal computer you are going to be saving the site to a location on the web. Since you have the bookmarks established at an online location it is easy for you to share them with your friends and family.

Dofollow social bookmarking will not only allow you to tag and save the sites that you found to be interesting they will allow you to browse through the sites that other people have found interesting enough to tag and save. So you have the unique opportunity to get information concerning many different sites. You will be able to browse the listed sites in categories.

The listings will be divided into the popularity of the listed site, the ones that have been added the most recently, or the category of pages that are there like places to shop, political views and reviews, technological information, news reports, blogging and sports information. You choose the type of web pages you are looking to find and then the list of all of the ones that people have saved are brought forward so you can check them out.

The sites like Dofollow social bookmarking are actually used more frequently as an advanced search engine. People come to the site and they type in what they are looking for just like they would on an average search engine. The difference here is the pages that are suggested are suggested because someone found the site very interesting and saved the path so they could return.

These sites are very popular and they are beneficial to the people who are searching for different websites. You will no longer have to search through several pages of completely useless information in an attempt to find something you are interested in. You will pull up the site and you will immediately have access to the categories of information that you are trying to access. When you do find something that you think your friends will really like to see as well you can easily send them the link or send them to the same site where you have your things bookmarked.

This is one way to find interesting information without finding all of the trash information. The only way for the pages to be saved onto the site is for someone to have went to them and found the information they contained to be highly useful. Then they saved the page to return to and you gain from the knowledge they learned in their quest to find the original site.

Dofollow social bookmarking lets you save the websites that you want to bookmark and return to without having to save them on your computer, you can save them on a place on the internet and share them with others.

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What Is StumbleUpon and How Is It Used?

Founded in 2001, StumbleUpon (sometimes abbreviated to SU) is a social bookmarking website that essentially coordinates the distribution of website content, whereby users "StumbleUpon" webpages recommended by friends. When a user discovers and rates a website by giving it a "thumbs up", the website automatically becomes a favorite of that user. Conversely, if a user dislikes a site, he/she can give it a "thumbs down". Additionally, users can "stumble" their personal interests and pastimes such as photos, videos and games.

How is StumbleUpon Used

To effectively use StumbleUpon, the StumbleUpon toolbars need to be installed on your browser: To date, Firefox, Windows Explorer and Google Chrome are the only browsers on which the toolbars can be installed. I feel that one of the reasons StumbleUpon is growing so rapidly in popularity is its ease of use. From the tools menu, you simply select which controls you need, such as Stumble, which when clicked, displays a webpage. The I Like It button is used to vote on a webpage. Incidentally, I encourage you to write a review each time you vote on a webpage, even if it's just a few words - that enhances your standing amongst fellow stumblers. Other controls include the Share button to interact with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers; click on Stumble and you're showed all your connections (people you've imported as contacts) - and you can have group conversations with any of your connections.

Another amazing feature is that you can seamlessly stumble through websites which are available for you to select. Those websites are classified as Channels, and they include YouTube, MySpace, WordPress, CNN, University Sites, Flickr and the Rolling Stones. From the toolbar, simply click on a website's button, for example CNN, and then on Stumble, and that takes you through the pages of the CNN website. And of course there are buttons that enable you to easily share videos and photos. From a personal perspective, stumbling can be a fascinating experience. And from a business standpoint, it can be used as a powerful tool to drive traffic to a user's website if used effectively.

Some Facts and Figures

StumbleUpon can be an incredibly useful source of traffic as evidenced by the following data:

  • I was surprised to discover that StumbleUpon gets more daily traffic than Twitter.
  • StumbleUpon has 50% of the social media market in the US.
  • The top social media website for referral traffic for the period Aug - Sep 2011 was StumbleUpon with over 50% market share.
  • Social bookmarking websites comparable to StumbleUpon are Digg, Reddit and Delicious.

When effectively used as a marketing tool, StumbleUpon helps to promote a brand name, and it improves search engine PageRank and boosts traffic. It's also possible to analyse how well your website is performing in relation to the number of StumbleUpon visitors to your website and how they interact with it. However, be mindful that the bounce back rate of that traffic can be high - users do not often spend too much time browsing websites upon which they have stumbled.

And finally, I hope that what I've written has given you an insight into what stumbling is all about, and has answered the question "what is StumbleUpon"

Wishing you every Success!

I run a business called Internet Commerce and I have been operating in the internet industry for over 5 years, and designing websites and blogs is one of the many business areas of IT I am passionate about. My blog is, and it provides a step-by-step tutorial of how to design a blog using WordPress.


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Will Social Bookmarking Improve Your Website Traffic?

Ever hear the phrase "A link is a link?" Wonder what it means? In short, it means any link pointing to one of your website pages is beneficial to your site. Instead of spending countless hours on search engine optimization blogs reading the latest theories on what the search engines are going to do next, why not help yourself to a few more links to your websites pages?

All links are not equal but all links are beneficial. Some links carry more weight than others. For example, a link from a PR4 or PR5 page on a website with only a few links pointing out will do your website a lot of good. But just how are you going to get that link?

You can spend hours writing huge amounts of content and just hope another webmaster finds your site and is so impressed with your excellent information that he or she will, without being asked, link to your website. What are the chances of that happening? Has it happened for you yet?

If you are like most people, you will have answered "No" to that last question. For most of us, we have to go out and get our own links. Social bookmarking is one way to accomplish that, along with article submissions, directory submissions, public service announcements, and leaving comments at blogs. All of those link building methods will increase the authority of your website, and therefore your website traffic will increase as more searchers find your website in the search engine listings.

There are quite a few social bookmarking sites with high PR, but a lot more bookmarking websites with PR 0. Do not discount low PR, but make it your goal to get as many links as you can from all bookmarking sites, regardless of page rank.

You can submit manually to social bookmarking websites, but if you are really intent on making money from websites, it is prudent to automate this process. Webmasters have several choices of automated social bookmarking software. Rather than waste your time with reviews, I will just tell you outright that the best bookmarking tool is Bookmarking Demon. This software is robust and has many features which enable submissions to get the same value as manual submissions. Read a Bookmarking Demon review by an experienced user.

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Better Keywords Equals Better SEO

There are a plethora of techniques toted by SEO gurus to be the secret strategy that will flood your website with traffic. Some of them have some merit, but most of them are just hype. The problem that most people get into is that they don't take the time to lay the correct ground work before promoting their site. They just take off working on the secret maneuvers that their current favorite guru is telling them will work.

There are a lot of sites out there that get traffic simply because they are huge sites staffed by hundreds of workers. The bottom line though is that the content on the site is sporadic and does not necessarily have a positive impact on the site itself. Yes, Google does view sites will tons of contents and tons of back links as more reputable sites, but that is just one set of standards that leads to success.

The real way to success that is commonly left untouched is to actually keep each of the pages and content on their site relevant to a handful of specifically chosen keywords that match the intent of the website.

As mentioned above, you have to take the time to first lay down the proper foundation. This means that YOU HAVE TO DO KEYWORD RESEARCH! Don't stop doing research until you have exhausted your options. Start to compile a large list of keywords that are all related to your site's main topic. Break this big list down in to several separate lists that can serve as categories on your site. Each of these categories should be broken down into more specific sub-categories. You should continue this until you cannot go any deeper.

That being said, this will take an insane amount of time. Keyword research is pretty much impossible to do without SEO software unless you want to spend day and night for a few weeks looking at keywords and taking Excedrin. You should find a research tool such as SEO Keyword Builder and use it to do the data collection and number crunching. SEO software can give you the information you need such as how many people are interested in a particular keyword as well as how many website owners are already coming up in the search results for that keyword (competition). It becomes relatively easy to see which keywords are sure-fire successes and removes the errant guesswork. You should also be able to better manage your lists from within the software. This can help aid in breaking your main list down into categorical lists.

The next step, is to take those keywords and create pages that are dedicated to nothing more than a single keyword. The entire content (videos, pictures, text, etc.) found on that page should match the keyword as being the topic. This is a highly relevant page that has little competition and gets a reasonable amount of traffic.

Once you get the page out on the Internet, start promoting it by getting back links. If you did your research right and build the content well, you'll be at the top of the search results in no time flat. The difference here is that you build more applicable content as opposed to building a ton of "hit or miss" content.

With all of the headaches that come with keyword research, you owe it to yourself to invest in SEO Software that can not only free up your valuable time, but give you better results. SEO Keyword Builder is a revolutionary keyword research tool that can and will give you what you need to succeed!

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Benefits of Organic SEO

Many people may wonder what organic SEO is. Organic search engine optimization, also called SEO, is a technique used to optimize a website to gain good search engine rankings without paying the search engines for the placement. Compared to paid advertisement, SEO service has many benefits.

Organic SEO service is affordable

Though there are some companies that can afford pay-per-click programs, there are still some small companies or individuals who have limited budgets. In this case, they can choose organic SEO service to optimize their websites. From my point of view, the biggest benefit of this service is cost effectiveness. Performing organic SEO can help the websites appear on the search result pages without paying for the rankings.

Organically optimized websites attract many people

Though a website can pay some main search engines to get good positions, it does not mean that the website is the best and can attract many people. According to some research, people usually trust the websites which appear naturally on the result pages for they think that if the websites appear on their own, they must have organized content and can provide a good user experience. Therefore, organically optimized websites always get a lot of traffic.

Organically optimized website can have a good ranking for a long time

Paying for positions is not a permanent way to advertise. However, performing organic SEO can help the website appear on the result pages for a long time because a well optimized website gives search engines exactly what they want.

In my next article I will talk about how to perform SEO service. is an online division of Hitech United Australia Pty. Ltd. It is dedicated in delivering the best seo service through its tailored approach, reviewing each individual's needs on case-by-case basis.
Author: Sharon R Chen
Sharon R Chen is an SEO expert and writes articles on a variety of topics about SEO. She can be contacted via or LinkedIn.

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Organic SEO Guidelines

Whether you're just beginning your first website, or have a few and are wondering how to get them on Google's radar, I have some organic SEO guidelines for Search Engine Optimization. You can always pay to advertise on the web, like Facebook and Google AdWords, but using organic search results to their fullest potential is a very smart move on the webowner's end as well.

I'd like to clarify that when I say Google, I mean other search engines also. My tips will help your website overall in rankings online, but Google dominates almost 3/4 of the internet's entire search results, and thus gets my attention and effort. Google is integrated into websites, profiles, social networks, and pretty much everything on the web, so if you have any grudges against them, now is the time to drop them. You won't get anywhere online if you're not trying to please Google's search engine.

There are no proclaimed methods that guarantee any spots on Google's rankings. There's no formula and no cheating that can do to get your site to the top. You can do everything I recommend on this post, but at the end of the day Google will rank you however they see fit. However I can guarantee you that if you follow these steps you will be in great shape in a matter of months.

1. Do your Keyword Research: If you were to only focus on one thing, this would be it. Center each of your blogs or posts around a topic, or string of keywords. A fantastic rule of thumb is to include the keywords in your title, in your first paragraph, and then maybe every other paragraph after that. You can easily do this and still make your content flow, you just need to have an article focused on one topic. Make sure to include your title in the keywords area, along with other related topics discussed. Google has become more sophisticated, integrated, and added more complex numerical linguistic methods into its algorithm recently. Webmasters found out that it's not just the keywords that matter, but the related terms that revolve around your content. Essentially I'm telling you not to try and fool the system, this is exactly what Google keeps making modifications towards. They want honest results, and simply repeating your keywords over and over and over won't do the trick anymore. Google wants substance along with those keywords. A lot of this can be overwhelming, but just remember to include your chosen keywords in each blog and you'll be golden.

2. Use Anchor Texts Efficiently: Anchor text is hyperlinks in blue words that can be anything. Example, have you ever seen someone say "for more info, click here"? I'm telling you to utilize those anchor texts properly instead of settling on "here". Change it to, "for more info, visit MySiteWithInfo!". Search engines look at those links on a page to figure out what the page is about. A bunch of "here"s won't tell them much.

3. Keep Your Word Count Sufficient: Write things with at least 300 words per article is a great rule of thumb to provide content. 300 words is child's play, you'll be fine. Search engines look for meaty content with substance, it's your job to provide it. Write hearty articles.

4. Social Bookmarking: This is huge. If you're not on board with social bookmarking, hurry up! Networking and sharing what you have with others can really boost your traffic. Tweet your posts, share on Facebook, Digg a link, the list goes on. Again, this step is huge. Time consuming, but huge.

5. Article Sites: There are many websites that exist solely to publish your articles for you and create a helpful website for people. Google "free article sites" and you'll have many to choose from. Pick your favorites and sign up. A caution though, many do not tolerate spamming and promotion. Simply give a simple and helpful article, then add in your webpage at the bottom or in the reference box. Having links pointing back to your site out there on the web will help your site's traffic immensely.

6. Blog: Often! This goes up there with keyword research in importance. Make sure that you're putting in a blog a day or at least keeping up with your content. Ads are only around for so long, but your blogs will continue to grow on the internet! They are one of your most powerful weapons in your SEO arsenal. And hey, look at that, they add more credibility to your site as well. People enjoy when there's free and valuable information exposed to them, provide them with that and they'll keep coming back.

7. Track Your Website: With Google Analytics. This is a remarkable program that you can install on your site through html code. It tracks everything you would want to know about your website. How many visitors, how long they stayed, where they're from, what pages are popular, and so on. This is crucial to understanding how people perceive your website. You need to have a Gmail account or Google Profile to access this.

These strategies and methods should give you a great start in fine tuning your website's SEO goals. The longer the website is around, the better it can rank as well, so be patient! Just keep your site busy and productive and spread it around the internet and you'll do great!

Written by Taylor Theis

For my website, with resources, links, and more, visit

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SEO Basics For Website Owners - 5 Proven SEO Tips For Traffic Building

The most important SEO tip I can give you based on my experience, as a professional SEO article writer is that the rule for standard original writing applies to creating SEO content as well. This means, concentrate on creating good content.

What makes good content, you may ask?

Well, simply put, content that is useful, fresh, informative and gets you effective SEO results such as new and repeat website traffic that is relevant to your product or service, which helps you achieve your Internet Marketing goals for greater sales conversions and improves your search engine rankings is good content.

As a website owner, you must understand how search engines function in order to run an effective SEO campaign that drives high quality, relevant traffic to your website, improving its performance and building your online reputation.

1. Search engines and editors function in a similar way, in the sense that they appreciate unique and useful information that is accurate. Thus, it is vital for good SEO writers to present website owners with clear SEO content for all their web pages, limiting it to one topic per page and keeping graphics minimal (only for breaking the monotony of too much text) for capturing reader interest. Besides, too many graphics can slow down a web page loading time, leading to adverse SEO impact for website traffic building resulting in the viewer leaving the web page due to extended page load time.

2. Keyword optimization is vital for good SEO writing so website owners need to research their target audience, know the common search terms used to identify their service or products pitched in the website and use these for creating an effective SEO traffic building campaign. Identify your target market; finalize your website's end objective and combine effective SEO tips for achieving goals of more traffic that are relevant to your business. The best keywords for your website's traffic building that must be used in your SEO content are words your audience would typically use for searching information you want to send out, keeping each web page topic specific and optimized around 1 to 3 keywords or key phrases only. Avoid overuse and sprinkle these through the text naturally as you want to avoid 'stuffing.'

3. Use Hyperlinks wisely for an effective SEO campaign. You have to ensure cross link between different web pages on your website so that visitors find navigation easy on your website and can locate related content effortlessly. Remember not to over-use these links but pay attention to them for wherever you can make the most of them for enhancing your website's SEO content.

4. Pay proper attention to correct use of meta tags properly as the title of your web page should have a clear description containing the primary keyword the web page's text should highlight in the SEO content to follow under it. The meta tag can be defined as a keyword phrase which gives an accurate description of your entire web site if not just the web page in question (provided the site focuses on one niche, which is recommended for best SEO results). It provides a concise explanation of the web content. Limit the web page text to 400 words or less integrating top keyword phrases for effective on page SEO and don't forget to also give alternate text attribute for any graphics or photos used on your web page. Since search engine spiders don't read images, this text attribute helps your web page gain visibility for the relevant images described clearly as well.

5. Combine all the above SEO tips for traffic building that gives you long term results using SEO basics that will increase website prominence for you without much expense. To recap:

  • Web content should be unique.
  • Naturally integrate well-chosen keywords in website content and the meta tags.
  • Remember to cross link relevant and interesting web pages.
  • Research the major search engine guidelines for SEO techniques and follow them
  • Obtain registration with search engines to always updated on latest SEO trends and tools for traffic building

Hire Deepanjolie Figg, professional Article Writer at for enhancing your business presence online.

This Ezine Platinum Article Writer will custom create high quality original articles in your chosen genre for increasing your website traffic!

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Change the Way a Web Hosting Plan Works With Class C IP

Class C IP is the most essential part or you can say the core of SEO hosting websites. the C Class of an IP defines so much about the IP, beginning from its location over a LAN and over the internet if it's a system's IP, else for a website's IP C Class denotes the network information, geographic location of the server and service provider etc.

Class C IP addresses are like the GPS that tracks down your location through your device, here the devise is the IP address of the particular system or a website. Class C is actually the 3rd component of an internet protocol that denotes the address of a website as a pointer to the web server and the system locator for a system over the LAN connected to internet.

· Multiple Class C IPs, from several unrelated C Class ranges are chosen to offer successful back links for the money making site. Every site gets its separate name server, information and rDNS components those are inevitable for the safety of websites, from search engine spiders' vigil gaze.

· The sites are optimized with organic SEO methods in order to meet the SEO standards, i.e graphics and contents with the page flow is analyzed and made convenient enough to be browsed by the search spiders as well as human visitors.

· Successful visits by the search engine spiders bring good value that can be termed as the link value for the money site. Hence the sites have to be in HTML coding along with proper Meta tags and Alt tags that draw the attention of search engines on the internet.

· The Class C IPs make sure to keep the websites safe and out of danger by the search spiders. As each site appears different from others for the search engine, they get high ranks and pass it to the money making site to increase the overall rankings.

· When websites on unrelated IPs across various geographic locations offer links to a money making site, the rank value increases tremendously. Because IPs from different locations make the idea of being completely different and unrelated as well.

· Server uptime and bandwidth have to be above 99% in order to accelerate the performance of all the sites in SEO hosting and fulfilling the reason, behind choosing Multiple Class C IPs for the back linking process.

Type of server is also an integral part of SEO hosting with Class C IPs, in a shared server any hazard faced by the single site can affect the other sharing the same server and hence are very dangerous. So while dealing with sensitive business data, expecting a heavy load of traffic must choose the dedicated or VPS hosting plan for C Class IP Hosting.

About Author: is one of the premier portals on the World Wide Web which has been formulated with the intention of providing Class C Ip options for webmasters around the world who seek a way to ensure that their websites reach the top ranks of all major search engines. In this innovative technique of Virtual Dedicated Hosting.

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How to Optimize Your Website

When you have a website that you are using for a business it is important for that site to be found within the search engines. It can be difficult to compete with so many other websites on the internet so optimizing your website in order for it to get brought to the top of the search results is a necessity. You may be wondering how, exactly, does that task get accomplished. It does not have to be complicated, but knowing a little bit of html is required.

When viewing the html code of your website it looks like a bunch of mumbo jumbo at first, but when you learn what the different symbols stand for it makes it a lot easier. All the tags start with

<tag> and end with </tag> So, for the title of your website it would look like this <title>Title Goes Here</title> When choosing your title you want it to have the keywords you want to optimize your website for. Choose keywords that are longer and not too competitive.

You can use tools like Overture or Word Tracker to choose your keywords. These tools will tell you how competitive your chosen keywords are and how many times they are searched for each month. Take the keywords you chose and place them in the title, h1, h2, alt, and meta keyword tags. Sprinkle those keywords throughout the body of your website making sure they are at the beginning and end.

Try to keep the menu on the right side of the page. Search engines read a website from the right down, center down then left down. You want the majority of your keywords in the body of the website not the menu, Keep the density of your keywords between 2%-6% for maximum benefit. You can check this with a keyword density tool on the web. Just do a search and it will come up.

The alt attributes are within the image tag. When you put a keyword within these attributes it will show on the webpage when the cursor is hovering over that image. Using your keywords in some of the text links on your website will also help the optimization of your website.

Some basic html knowledge is needed when optimizing a website but there are plenty of places on the internet where you can learn the basics. Doing the things described in this article will give you the best chance of getting to the top of the search engines. This helps bring targeted visitors to your website and eventually sales for your business.

When you get the hang of all this you can add other keywords to your site and start ranking high in the search engines for those terms as well. It takes time to learn and it takes time to rank highly for your chosen keywords but it is possible to do without having to be too difficult.

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Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for Better Traffic!

Need more traffic to your website? Some simple search engine optimization (SEO) techniques could bring you considerably more traffic with very little effort. You have to work smart and hard when it comes to the marketing platform techniques you use for your home-based business.

First of all, make sure Google and the search engines can figure out what your site is about. You do this in a number of ways. Primarily, make sure your site content is coded in a format that Google can actually read and will index: HTML. Google cannot reliably read text rendered in graphics such as Flash. Use alternate text to describe the photos or images on your site.

Make sure your most important keywords appear in your title tags

And, when you're writing content for your site, cover your topic completely without "stuffing" keywords into it. Getting human visitors to your website is your goal, so make sure they find the information they are looking for, and deliver it to them in a readable manner.

See that your keyword appears a few times in your content, especially in your headings. You can use bold and italic fonts to emphasize important words and phrases.

Focus on writing good content. When you focus on the reader and not a search engine, you will naturally use synonyms and related terms in addition to your keywords. Google will reward you for this with higher rankings in the search results, which means more traffic for you.

Cover your topic completely. Write as much about it as you can, as longer content is usually preferred. However, don't drone on or repeat yourself if you've run out of things to say. Remember that human visitors are the ones you want to keep - don't drive them away with poor quality or repetitive content.

But Wait, There's More

Make sure to link your content to other related content on your site, and when you do, make your keywords and variations the anchor text of your links. Review your site to see that it is easily navigable by both humans and search engine spiders. Creating and submitting to the search engines a file called a "sitemap" is an excellent way to show all your pages to Google and the other engines so they won't overlook any of your content.

Once you have created a site rich with content that search engines can read easily and that delivers value to your site visitors, it's time to start promoting your site by building links to it from other sites.

A few easy ways to get quality links to your site are to create blogs, write press releases, submit articles to directories, and write comments on forums and blogs.

These are but a few basic SEO tips to help you get free web traffic to your website. We want you to Learn to Earn and of course, learn to Play Your Best Game, too.

Alex Singletary has seen that money can be the greatest obstacle in people's path to an abundant life and is driven to help others overcome their circumstances. His knowledge and passion pertaining to this subject was ignited by attending his first financial wealth conference at the age of 14. Alex knows first-hand that great things happen when the intention is in the right place and the desire is great enough. Let Alex show you how to play your best game, visit:

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