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Blog - Get Blog Traffic with Article Marketing by angela booth

You've created a blog, and you've posted to it. But where's your traffic? Getting traffic to your blog is easy: you must promote your blog, and you must promote consistently. One of the easiest and best blog promotional methods is article marketing.

If you've never heard of "article marketing" this is just a form of promotion in which you write articles, and post them to article directories. Not only do you get traffic to your blog when people read your articles, you also acquire backlinks. Links to your blog are essential, because they help with your search engine optimization (SEO).

Let's look at three tips which will help you with your article marketing.

1. Be consistent, set a schedule of articles to write and to post to article directories

All marketing methods require consistency. You have to keep doing it. Sending one single article to an article directory helps your traffic. Creating more articles and posting them, brings you more traffic. The more articles you write, the more traffic you'll get.

You'll get the best results when you set a schedule for yourself of writing and posting articles. Your schedule will depend on the amount of time you have available - it's important to keep adding content to your blog so that when your visitors arrive, they have great content to read.

You could schedule one article posted to directories per week, or even one posted per day, to really boost your traffic.

Be patient as you wait for results. There's only one marketing method which gives you immediate traffic, and that's paid advertising. However, this is expensive, and once you stop advertising, the traffic stops. With article marketing, the traffic doesn't stop - your article stay online, and keep sending you traffic.

2. Use a keyword tool to find high traffic keywords to include in your articles

Your blog's visitors will find you via the search engines, so it's important to include keywords in your articles. Keywords are those words which people type into a search engine query box to find you.

There are many keyword tools online, both free and paid. For your purposes, the free keyword tools give you sufficient information to find out which keywords you should include.

Remember that keywords are useless on their own. Your articles should be quality: when you provide good content, you'll draw traffic. You want your blog's visitors to visit and subscribe to your RSS feed.

3. Article marketing is cumulative, so you'll see the most results over time

Your results with article marketing will vary - you may get an immediate rush of traffic, or you may not. However, over time you will get a steady increase in traffic, depending on how many articles you post.

Think of your article marketing traffic as a snowball, rolling downhill, and getting bigger as it rolls. As you write and post more articles to the directories, your presence will grow - your snowball will get bigger and bigger.

So there you have three tips to help you to get traffic to your blog via article marketing. All three tips are important. Enjoy the traffic which article marketing brings you.

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Targeted Web Site Traffic - How To Generate Massive Targeted Traffic In 24 Hours

Targeted Web Site Traffic Is Possible In 24 Hours!

Now, the methods we will discuss will snap into action to generate targeted web site traffic for you. Just make sure you track your traffic and already have several account setup.

We will discuss more about accounts in the later part but ensure that you are already tracking your results to ensure visibility. Make sure that you have your sales funnel setup before you start putting these steps to work.

Strategy 1: The Traffic Exchange Way

If you have an account with any traffic exchange program this should be a snap too easy. Now, keep in mind that although this method is not favored among certain marketers it could well work for you.

Never sell on these traffic sources. Just promote your lead capture pages or a name squeeze page to get people to subscribe with you in exchange for your free report. Its a great way to reach a specific target market.

Strategy 2: Posting In Forums Effectively

Notice that I purposely put in the term 'effectively' and not some hogwash text there. You certainly should not spam the forum discussion topics.

Do not post stuff like 'I have a business that generates $78,278 in a week' kind of thing. It just would not work. Instead, contribute useful posts in certain discussions. Let your signature containing your URL do the trick.

Strategy 3: Monitoring Pay Per Click Adverts

If you noticed that there are some 'sponsored ads' in your search results page in Google then those are called 'pay per click ads'. It will cost you some investment to get started on Google Adwords but its worth it.

You see, you can just bid on the words that your business is related to and setup a simple 2 liner text ad. For instance, if you have a business selling lady slippers, you would bid on keywords related to 'slippers'.

Generating targeted web site traffic can either be a drag or an enjoyable thing. You can make it more enjoyable if you pick one simple strategy that you have an interest on to get started easily.

The Art of Creating YouTube Free Website Traffic

There are many ways that you can create free website traffic through YouTube. Many of these methods include groups, feeds, and links from your site.

When you join YouTube, you first have to create a free account. Anyone can create a YouTube account. An account will allow you to add and share videos with anyone in the world. These are videos that you make. So if you decide to make a video advertising for your website, then you can upload your video to YouTube for people to view. This is great advertising for your site and company and if the video is creative enough, then people will go to your site to find out more information about who you are and what your business is about.

YouTube has a group functionality that allows you to create a group that other people can join. This allows for discussion groups and more. You can also join many of the thousands of groups that have already been created on YouTube. When you join these groups, other members of the groups can view your videos. This gets your videos and advertisements for your website a lot of viewers. Members of the groups can see which videos you are watching also. You can upload numerous videos and get them out there.

You can also create feeds straight to your YouTube account and you can make feeds available to anyone you like. These feeds can be added to your website and people can subscribe to them or you can offer the feeds to people in the groups you belong to on YouTube. Feeds to your website will give people up to date information about the current activities that are going on with your business.

On your website, you can also provide direct links to your videos on YouTube. This way, the traffic that you are generating on your website you are sending to your videos on YouTube to generate traffic there too. Links are an excellent idea when you are using YouTube. Also, when you create advertising videos for your website, you must be sure to type the text across the screen and say out loud the web address both. This is because some people may not have speakers and need to read it and other people will remember the name of your website when they hear it.

There are also blogs that you can take advantage of when you are a member of YouTube. If you upload numerous videos to your profile in YouTube and you share them out to many people and groups, you want everyone to know it. You can write articles and talk to people about your website and your videos and get the most advertising you possibly can with the blogs. Be sure to create a blog on your company website also and talk about your YouTube advertising videos. This will send your viewers to YouTube to check out your videos.

YouTube can be used in many ways for generating traffic to your company website and from your company website to your YouTube videos. Use YouTube to your advantage.

Instant Website Traffic - 3 Keys To Generating Explosive SEO Traffic

Is Instant Website Traffic Just A Marketer's Dream?

In all sense, instant website traffic can be seen as a kind of rumour and only available to the elite. My take on this, you can do it yourself and without breaking the bank!

Some better known benefits of having massive traffic on your website would most definitely be the beginning of your success online. Ensure that you are also aware about these keys.

Key 1: Traffic Should Be A Regular Activity

One thing you must remember is that traffic is always your number one activity in your task list if you are beginning online. I say this because time and again I'm amazed at the massive benefits it can offer.

Like mentioned above, you do not need to be a great salesperson on your website if you have enough traffic. This also means you are progressing daily via working on improving your website traffic.

Key 2: Learn A Little About Search Engine Optimization

Without being too geeky here a simple way to describe this is that your website is made to be friendly to Google, Yahoo or MSN. In turn, the 'big 3' reward you by putting your website on the first few search page results.

I agree that SEO can be the cheapest and most affordable of all methods but without the right knowledge you are in danger of overspending. Spend some time learning some materials online.

Key 3: Content Via Using Blogs

You probably know by now that if you can generate a reasonable rate of content online then you are good to go. By that, I seriously mean that you can write a sentence or two about your niche.

Start by building a blog with either Wordpress or Blogger and then post informative snippets about what you are most knowledgeable about. You will soon see that there will be 'natural' search engine traffic within days.

How The Experts Do It

Every single traffic generation expert know that instant website traffic is possible if you are willing to put some instant effort on your part. Start slowly and build your action momentum list.

10 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog by matthew bredel

Now that everyone and his little sister have a blog, it is definitely time to figure out how to move traffic to YOURS. With so many different blogs to choose from, it is easy for your typical, run-of-the-mill blog to become a needle in a haystack. How can you make your blog the beach ball in the haystack? Read on to discover 10 ways to get traffic to your blog (if only there were another word for blog, blog, blog...).

1. Write posts people desire to read. Although this seems obvious, taking a quick look around many blogs you will find thousands upon thousands with too much personal information and not enough useful information. Do people really want to read about your cat? Or better yet, do you really want to attract the kind of people who want to read about your cat? Create timeless, conversational posts about relevant topics. Consider what you would want to read and write that!

2. Become THE expert on your topic. Research and stay current on your blog's topic. If readers believe you have information and musings on the latest and greatest, they will come to you first. People do not want old news rehashed. They want to be informed of something new and cutting-edge.

3. Utilize Search Engine Optimization. Learn all you can about SEO, and use it for your blog much like you would use it to optimize a website. This means, place keywords in the URL to your blog, the title of your post, the body of your post, and within your post text links.

4. Don't make your blogs too much like an advertisement. Readers feel used and abused when they visit a site thinking they will find useful information only to discover they are reading a blatant advertisement for some product or service. By making yourself an expert and providing thoughtful and thorough information, you are going to peak the interest of readers and make them WANT to learn more about your product.

5. Create some drama, controversy, and BUZZ. People love wars of words, some controversy here and there. It creates wanted buzz and develops readers who will return to your blog just to see if anything is brewing. Always allow comments on your blogs, and post comments on other blogs that will cause readers to want to visit your blog to see what you are all about.

6. Send notification of blog-updates via e-mail. For those potential readers who are not going to seek out a blog post, e-mail is a great way to reel them in. Use a free blog service or an autoresponder to invite readers and manage your reader list.

7. Of course, submit your blog to every search engine!

8. Make sure the link to your blog is on every piece of written communication you send. Include the link in your newsletters, brochures, business cards, in your e-mail signature, and in every post you make on various forums.

9. Turn your blog into an article. Create blog entries that can be easily adapted into articles, and place them in online article directories along with the link to your blog.

10. Blog often. You want people to know they can expect a blog from you daily or weekly. If you are inconsistent or rarely post a blog, it is difficult to develop a reader-base. Set a goal for your writing and stick to it.