Monday, February 18, 2013

Benefits of Using the Right Web Directories

In a similar fashion to normal directories, such as the Yellow Pages, a web directory is able to feature listings of websites split into different categories for ease in locating the relevant information. If you are searching for something online then using one of the better quality web directories is just as effective as using a physical of hard copy. A web directory can offer online businesses a wide range of benefits, which might relate to search engine ranking, web traffic and increased profitability.
Here are some of the benefits that you might realize from submitting your website to a web directory.
Increased traffic
In most cases, the main directories attract a high volume of traffic to their sites on a daily basis. Site visitors have access to easily search the different categories, which allows them to connect direct to all-types of websites. This increased traffic for the webmaster is the most significant benefit to adding a link to the web directory. To ensure you get the most from submitting your site to the directories, you should always look for the best quality directories that attract a considerable number of daily visitors.
Search engines
By submitting your site to the directories, you are also making it easier for the search engines to detect your website and increase its natural ranking in the search results. Due to the size of the directories and the almost constant updating of information, the spiders sent by the search engines are highly likely to detect your site and have that link indexed.
Higher Rankings
If your website is placed on the directories then you might be able to optimize certain keywords that you wish to have ranked in the search engines. Use descriptive text for the anchor text link that connects to your website. Use a phrase that clearly identifies the function offered by your web site. If you go to the effort of providing a well written description then this should also help in attracting a higher click-through rate, which means you get a lot more visitors to your website.
Increase Site Credibility
If you are able to get a site listed on the top web directories then that can increase the credibility of your web site. In most cases, the better quality websites vet and review the submissions to determine the quality of a site. Human edited directories are a lot more valued and this also means that visitors will trust the information that they read on directory and be more willing to click-through to a particular web site.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Cheap SEO Methods of 2013 SEO Techniques

Setting up an internet marketing business is so easy but the difficult thing is how to bring traffic to your website. Today, technology has become an important tool on promoting your page.
If you are asking how to build quality back links, the following are an overview of simple yet effective SEO techniques that can be employed to better the ranking of your website.
User-Friendly Site
Having a user-friendly site is very important in attracting traffic because users easily get annoyed with slow loading page. They want easy to navigate, less pop up adverts and interactive so that they can peruse the site to its full extent and have a bigger chance of returning visitors. Also, a user-friendly website is an advantage for other webs masters to create incoming links to your website and by doing so, increase the ranking of your website on search engines.
Quality Content
Quality content is one best factor that increases your web traffic. It's the king of all website promotion. Having good and original web site content increases the opportunity of higher page visits and potential clients. Moreover, most website and blog owners choose creating links to websites that have good content. It is a cheap SEO technique that can be hugely blossoming.
Good Domain Name
Good domain name plays an important role in increasing your website traffic. You have to have domain that is easy to remember, catchy and that is related to your web page content. Like for example, if you are selling vehicle parts you can use a domain name like the www. This helps you boosts your search engine ranking as well as improve your traffic.
Buying a domain name is part of the initial cost of building a website and optimizing your site visibility through the use of a domain name is an affordable SEO technique.
Online directories
When you want to get ranked on major search engines you have to employ and perform directory submissions. These typically list websites according to categories and as a rule; a website must have high quality content and original so as to be listed in any online directory. This is considered as an affordable SEO technique since you do not have to pay any extra cost to post in online directories
Article Submission Sites
It is one of most typical yet effective web marketing strategies. There are plethora of online article submission sites that are available on the web to choose from. The more you create and submit fresh and informative content the more traffic and even sales you have for your website. Your target audience loves this method because it answers their learning needs as they are always looking for something new and original. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to include you links when posting an article.
Social Media Sites
Social networking sites are another sure way of boosting your traffic to your site. They are effective at widening your customer base and also expanding your followers, subscribers and friends.
Using the above-mentioned DIY cheap SEO methods is positively your channel to maximizing your site traffic.
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